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3 Unspoken Realities Recruiters Don’t Say Aloud

3 Unspoken Realities Recruiters Don’t Say Aloud

Recruiters don’t all recruit the same way.

So no matter how loud and proud some LinkedIn influencing recruiters are, the bottom line is the ways they do things are not the only way — or some would say even the best way — to do things.

In the dark corners of recruiting conferences and the privacy of one-on-one chats, executive recruiters have shared with me ways they recruit that would not be popular fodder for YouTube or LinkedIn videos.

So they just put their head down and do their work successfully…which is to get people hired.

But I’m here to share the realities with you, so as a job seeker, you are fully informed about how hiring happens.

And some of them were the same realities that existed when I was a recruiter … I explain in this video.

I welcome any thoughts, whether you agree with me or not…

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See you then!

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