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8 Sources Where Executive Recruiters Find Candidates

Ever wonder where executive recruiters find candidates for their jobs?

Well, in this video, I list 8 places executive recruiters find senior-level candidates for corporate roles.

And after I finished the video, I thought of 2 more immediately…and while this video is just under 11 minutes, it could be so much longer with so many more sources than eight (plus the two more I thought of right away afterward). That’s for sure.

But this will begin to shed some light on how executive recruiters fund talent…so here goes!

What sources did I miss? Let me know…

I know I missed some, and I know some of you want to correct me 🤣

If you want to learn how to work with executive recruiters, register for my “How to Work With Executive Recruiters” on-demand training session by registering here:

I will cover how to work with executive recruiters once they find you…

I look forward to your thoughts…

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