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Four Leaf Clover Resume

What does a four-leaf-clover resume have to do with the son of a West Texas preacher? The following post, written by writer and storyteller, Rob Poindexter not only will fill you in, but also aims to entertain you along the way.

As one of the sons of a West Texas preacher, we were indeed the proverbial “poor church mice.”  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we rarely ever went hungry, and the clothes my older brother passed down to me would usually still be in pretty good shape by the time my younger brother got to wear them. From there, they would typically be re-purposed as material my mom could use as curtains or table clothes or diapers for the youngest in our litter.

I promise, you never saw a pair of Sears and Roebuck jeans with the life span of the ones in my house.

That being said, we were pretty happy for the most part, but that didn’t keep us from wishing for better things. And boy did we wish … a lot!! We wished on everything, falling stars, birthday cakes, the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey, you name it, anything we thought that might bring us a little luck.

My younger brother and I walked to and from school most every day  One of the houses we passed along the way had one of the most lush fields of clover you’ve ever seen from early spring until late fall. Rarely did we not stop at that little clover field and begin our hunt for the ever elusive “four leaf clover.” We were very methodical in our approach to this endeavor, taking in the field one section at a time to make sure we didn’t cover the same ground twice or, heaven forbid skip a section altogether.

For several minutes on end–my attention span wasn’t much better then then it is now–we would crawl around on our hands and knees sifting through the thousands of three leaf clovers. One by one we would gently lift the tiny clovers, all the while talking about what we would wish for first once the treasure were found.

Well, that was many years ago, and sadly, I must admit, I rarely take notice of the clover fields I drive past now. We never did find that lucky charm, and with time gave up on the whole idea altogether.

Thinking about those long ago days made me wonder how many hiring managers must go through the same thing Paul and I did as children. What I mean is, how many three leaf clover resumes must they sift through, day in and day out. They truly do want just one to stand out, to be their “four leaf clover,” as it were.

Is you current resume “four leaf clover” quality?  If not, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire a seasoned professional resume writer or risk allowing your special talents to be left in the field with the rest of the clover.

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