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How to Showcase Short Term Gigs As An Executive

Never let anyone make you feel bad about having a short-term gig on your resume.

Whether it’s because you have:

  • held several short-term consulting gigs in a row
  • had a couple of full-time jobs go south due to COVID or poor chemistry.
  • or simply had a tough run of bad choices…

In this down economy, you may be faced with having to take a short-term gig, and you should never feel bad about it.

Never let a recruiter:

  • tell you to take less money as a temp (I show you how in the video)
  • make you feel like you aren’t loyal as a contractor (I show you what to say in the video to prove them wrong)
  • tell your resume is jumpy (I tell you what to do in the video to make your resume awesome).

In this video, “How to Showcase Short-Term Gigs As An Executive”, I show you how to focus on the positives of being a consultant, contractor, or temporary employee.

Why? I ran a consulting staffing desk and practice as part of my 13-year recruiting experience.

So, I’ve got you covered.

And then, if you want more free training, join me on my next live free resume writing training at

Look forward to seeing you there with your head held high, ready to do this right!

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