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BS/MD Physician Advisor

About the Role

We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals who have a passion for education and helping students applying to pre-med or BS/MD programs. Working together with a college advisor, the physician advisor, also known as the BS/MD advisor, will support high school students through the college and BS/MD application process, helping the applicant build school lists, draft and complete the “Why Medicine?”, brainstorm and edit supplemental essays, and prepare for interviews, among other application tasks. The goal is to help students submit polished applications that align with their school list and action plans. Additionally, it is imperative that our BS/MD advisors are graduates of direct medical programs!


The BS/MD advisor will work with students in several capacities:

  • develop a strong working relationship with the college advisor, acting as a unified team that will support the applicant through the application process
  • evaluate candidacy of high school students looking to apply to BS/MD programs. This includes evaluation of their GPA, SAT/ACT scores, completed courses, extracurricular activities, and experiences
  • edit the applicant’s BS/MD personal statement and BS/MD supplemental essay questions
  • collaborate with applicant to create a customized BS/MD school list that aligns with the student’s candidacy, goals, and preferences
  • prepare students for admissions interviews
  • advise students throughout the application process, implementing proactive measures like consistent check-ins, thorough editing, and timelines/deadlines
  • manage family expectations and enlist them as part of the larger team supporting the student
  • assist students with developing personal responsibility and managing their work
  • offer your expertise and guidance on key application questions and situations

Students can sign up early enough to create year-round work, however, peak season is typically from late August until mid-January. You will be expected to work with multiple clients at one time and need to commit to working with the client until their package or service is complete, which can take upwards of a year. This is a remote position that requires you to have a reliable connection to the Internet and access to Microsoft Word.


  • MD physician, preferably at an attending level ,but residents will be considered
  • applicant MUST have attended a U.S. direct medical program (BS/MD, BA/MD, BS/DO, BA/DO)
  • experience working with applicants applying to medical schools
  • ability to work with various online communication platforms including Zoom and Google Meet 
  • expertise in BS/MD and/or BS/DO admissions (preferably served on an admissions committee)
  • experience and expertise in editing college and/or BS/MD/DO applications
  • experience building a great rapport with families
  • high level of emotional intelligence, especially in working with high school students
  • strong availability to work with at least 10 students in an application cycle

This is a high-touch role. Our clients and fellow advisors value efficient and comprehensive work, which includes a hands-on approach and supporting clients in creating original and compelling application materials. Advisors should be prepared to be flexible and accommodating, when reasonable requests are made. Most importantly, advisors must be sensitive to the emotional needs of the family and student. This is a stressful and busy time for everyone involved, especially the student. It is important that the advisor has the ability to build a trusting and positive relationship with the student and can deliver feedback and guidance in an age-appropriate and constructive manner.

About MedSchoolCoach

MedSchoolCoach is a rapidly growing EdTech company that serves the needs of future physicians by providing the highest quality content, tutoring, and advising services. Physician-led and founded, MedSchoolCoach is driven by its mission to help shape the future of medicine. Over time, the organization has become one of the largest players in the medical space, reaching nearly 50% of prospective medical students every year through at least one of our products or services.

As an organization, MedSchoolCoach stays true to its roots while continuing to scale, adding more products and services on a continuing basis. MedSchoolCoach has been named repeatedly on Inc Magazine’s 2022 Inc 5000 list and is a fast-growing company. We are grounded in our desire to offer prospective doctors the tools they need to succeed while providing an exceptional learning and mentoring experience.

Working for MedSchoolCoach

We are a distributed team of creative, approachable, and motivated entrepreneurs, educators, tutors, advisors, and clinicians who are passionate about improving healthcare and education. At MedSchoolCoach, we value problem solvers who take initiative, communicate earnestly, work effectively, and prioritize life-work balance. We do everything we can to make sure our teammates are successful personally and professionally. We welcome all employee contributions in whatever shape or form they manifest, especially as our organization continues to grow. Our team is rapidly growing and we are creating more opportunities for our team. We invite you to apply and grow with us! 

While we appreciate the time and effort you take in your application, we can only contact applicants who are moving forward in the selection process.


This is a part-time, contract role.

For compensation, we use a Relative Value Unit (RVU) based system. MedSchoolCoach allocates a specific amount of RVUs to each service and package, determining the amounts based on multiple variables, including anticipated hours, that impacts a BS/MD advisor’s ability to complete the work. BS/MD advisors can expect to earn approximately $75-$90 per RVU. Bonuses and raises will be given for years of service and exceptional work.

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