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At Devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better. Discover how Tech for People unlocks the future, creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us. We are a global leading player in Digital Transformation for leading organisations across EMEA, with a revenue of €652M. We believe in transforming technology to create value for our clients, partners and employees in a world where technology is developed for people. We are proud of the culture we have built together. We are proud of our people at the service of technology. We are proud of our diverse environment. Because we are #TechforPeople. Join our multidisciplinary team of Cloud experts, Designers, Business consultants, Security experts, Engineers, Developers and other extraordinary talents, spread across more than 18 EMEA countries. Become one of our +8.000 tech and business leaders on cloud, data and cyber security. Let’s fuse creativity with technology together and build innovative solutions that actively change things for the better.

Job Description

-Website Design: Collaborate with clients or project stakeholders to conceptualize and create visually appealing and user-friendly website designs.

-CMS Integration: Customize and implement CMS solutions, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, to translate design concepts into functional websites.

-Responsive Design: Ensure websites are responsive and accessible across various devices and screen sizes.

-Content Creation: Develop or optimize website content, including images, graphics, videos, and text, to align with the design and enhance user engagement.

-Theme Development: Create or customize CMS themes and templates to match the design and branding requirements of clients.

-User Experience (UX) Design: Enhance user interactions by improving website navigation, accessibility, and overall user experience.

-SEO Integration: Implement on-page SEO best practices to optimize website content for search engines.

-Multimedia Integration: Integrate multimedia elements, such as image galleries, video players, and audio components, into the website.

-Cross-Browser and Cross-Device Testing: Ensure website functionality and design consistency across different web browsers and devices.

-Collaboration: Work closely with web developers, content creators, and other team members to deliver integrated web solutions.

-Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix issues related to functionality, usability, and design.


-Bachelor’s degree in Web Design, Graphic Design, or a related field.

-Proven experience as a CMS Designer, with a strong portfolio showcasing CMS-based web projects.

-Proficiency in CMS platforms, with expertise in at least one major CMS (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).

-Strong graphic design skills and experience with design tools such as Figma Front-end development skills, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to implement designs within CMS frameworks.

-Understanding of user experience (UX) design principles and best practices.

-Knowledge of SEO best practices and on-page optimization.

-Familiarity with web performance optimization techniques.

-Detail-oriented and creative with a passion for staying up-to-date with design trends and web technologies.

Additional Information

The Devoteam Group works for equal opportunities, promoting its employees based on merit and actively fights against all forms of discrimination. We are convinced that diversity contributes to the creativity, dynamism and excellence of our organization. All of our vacancies are open to people with disabilities.

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