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FTTH Market Dev/Gov Manager

We are seeking an individual with experience in Fiber to the home FTTH deployments. We are seeking the position of FTTH Market Development, Regulatory, and Government Relations Manager. This role focuses on negotiating access to the Right-of-Way (ROW) and developing positive financial models to facilitate network growth within urban, suburban, and rural areas for the deployment of Fiber networks to businesses, government buildings,and to residential areas.


  • City Relationship Building: For the purpose of deploying fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)networks the position will cultivate and maintain robust relationships with city officials, municipal planners, and relevant government entities. Initiate transparent and collaborative discussions to align our network expansion plans with city objectives
  • Negotiating ROW Access: Lead negotiations and coordination efforts to secure access to the Right-of-Way (ROW) for the deployment of our fiber network infrastructure
  • Financial Model Development: Devise comprehensive financial models for the deployment of Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks that align with the city’s interest and financial constraints. Explore innovative financial structures, including public-private partnerships (PPPs) and revenue-sharing arrangements, to ensure mutually beneficial terms
  • Community Engagement: Collaborate with local communities to convey the benefits of our fiber network expansion. Conduct outreach initiatives, address community concerns, and highlight the positive economic impact on residents and businesses
  • City-Centric Solutions: Tailor our network expansion plans to align seamlessly with the city’s growth strategies and urban development goals. Showcase how our fiber infrastructure can support smart city initiatives, traffic management, public safety, and other municipal priorities
  • Economic Benefits: Emphasize the economic advantages of our fiber expansion, including job creation, increased property values, and enhanced competitiveness for local businesses
  • Comprehensive Proposal: Prepare detailed proposals outlining technical specifications, project timelines, and investment requirements for fiber network deployment. Clearly demonstrate how our project aligns with the city’s infrastructure vision
  • Financial Viability: Showcase the long-term financial sustainability of our network expansion, highlighting its positive impact on the city’s financial outlook. Acquiring, maintaining, and analyzing business market data to provide actionable recommendations for coverage models and team configurations as we entered new markets and expanded existing markets.
  • Competitive Landscape: Closely monitor competitors and other fiber overbuilders’ actions across the current and prospective footprints and utilize understanding of the industry, market, and product/service trends affecting competitiveness, both short term and long term.
  • Regulatory: Manage and ensure all regulatory, registration and compliance has been completed with appropriate regulatory body in new markets and identify, evaluate, and operationalize opportunities for government funding at all levels as well as public/private partnerships.
  • Management: Oversight of Market Selection, Development, and creation of Go-To-Market to ensure alignment and facilitate smooth handoffs throughout the new market development and go-to-market process.
  • Permitting: Manage a team of Permit specialists to proactively engage with Government entities to apply for and receive permits on the most expedited basis.


  • 5 years of experience in a related field and position having worked at a fiber carrier within the USA deploying new fiber networks.
  • Strong background in Community Development, & Business Development, on the deployment of fiber networks within cities;
  • A solid understanding of the telecommunications Industry;
  • Demonstrated experience in contract management, negotiation, and third-party agreements;
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study is preferred.


  • Great company culture;
  • Paid Time Off;
  • Insurance Coverage;
  • Professional Growth Opportunities.

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