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Product Manager (Petal Search)

We are a dedicated team developing Petal Search which is the most prestigious ongoing search engine project in the world. Petal Search have accumulated 30 million users in 50+ different languages include English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic and many others. It is launched in 170+ different countries by now. Our vision is to achieve “everything is searchable” and to be “one of the three in the world” as Petal Search.

Petal search supply search everything include general search like web, news, image, music, video, voice, knowledge, and multiple vertical search like apps, shopping, travel, local service, life assistant, and so on.

Petal Search has been developing in Huawei Turkey R&D Center which is one of the largest R&D investment of Huawei located outside of China. We have fully End-to-End team here include Marketing, Product Managers team, Development and AI Research team, User Growth and User Behavior Insight team, Ecosystem , Evaluation and Data Analytics team.

We are looking for Senior Product Managers for Petal Search in Turkey R&D Center.

As the core part of the HMS ecosystem, the Petal search is the global engine, based on the AI advantages of Huawei CBG technology. The global organization of the search product team provides a broad platform for improving individual capabilities and global view, communicating with global partners and local colleagues, working and learning with industry-leading search talent.


  • Build and own a batch of compelling product feature for Petal Search
  • Stay up-to-date on customer needs and market trends
  • Take charge of market insight, competitive product analysis, and end user requirement analysis and prioritization for search vertical products (such as Shopping, travel, Local, Sports, Education, Video, Music, Image and so on), 2B Ecosystem Platform (Integration with vertical industry)
  • Take charge of search product roadmap management, business model design, and third-party CP ecosystem cooperation to build competitive search products.
  • Take charge of new product search, design new features and promote product iteration implementation in cross-product teams.
  • Design key experience and performance indicators, and drive users to understand search intentions and continuously improve search algorithms.
  • Undertake user satisfaction KPIs, explore potential user requirements and product improvement directions through data analysis, and improve user satisfaction.


  • Excellent organization, coordination, and teamwork capabilities, strong sense of responsibility.
  • Strong communication skills, and excellent spoken English.
  • Candidates with experience in search, vertical service, platform design and development are preferred.

Professional knowledge requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, minimum 5 years of experience in Internet search products, familiar with Internet technologies and data analysis capabilities.
  • Analytical capabilities and decision-making driven by data, able to manage product experience and performance qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Excellent product design capabilities, able to identify users’ real requirements, be able to independently complete tasks such as PRD, UX design, requirement data definition, and data dotting design.
  • Have success cases of market insight, competitive product analysis, charter initiation, roadmap management, and business model design.


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