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Sales Enablement Program Manager

Sales Enablement Program Manager


Who are we?

We’re LMS365, the leading AI-powered learning platform integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams. We recently acquired Weekly10, a dynamic performance and engagement management platform, to reimagine human success. Combining both platforms, we offer a game-changing solution to our customers by developing more engaged and successful employees.


As a company, we are a talented group of individuals with a big mission: to transform the way we work to achieve greater human success.


What’s it like to work with LMS365?

We’re a global organization where people are driven by passion and curiosity. Our team has also commented that working with us is satisfying, dynamic, collaborative, innovative, and always supported by continuous learning.


We have a very strong intercultural foundation for our global team, which requires thoughtful collaboration and intentional teamwork. We’re dedicated to creating and upholding an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. Our team members are passionate about their work and are driven to achieve goals, both personally and professionally. And though we believe in working hard, we also believe in having fun and enjoying ourselves while empowering human success worldwide.


Intrigued to learn more? Check out more About us.


Tell me about the role

The Sales Enablement Program Manager sits within the Operational Excellence team and is responsible for the development and strategy of our sales enablement programs.


In this role, you will develop and execute a comprehensive sales enablement playbook aligned with our business. You are responsible for identifying opportunities to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness through process enhancements and automation and creating training material for our L&D team for use in our LMS.



  • Design, develop, and deliver engaging and effective sales training programs to include onboarding, product training, sales skills development, and ongoing education that align with the company’s OKRs and growth plans.
  • Collaborate with sales leadership to identify skill gaps, developing targeted training and coaching programs to address them.
  • Create and maintain a library of sales enablement materials, such as playbooks, certifications, and other scalable resources, ensuring they are current and readily accessible to the sales team.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the sales enablement programs and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  • Partner with product management and marketing teams to ensure sales team members have a thorough understanding of go-to-market strategies and value propositions.
  • Develop and implement sales process best practices and tools that drive efficiency and effectiveness.


A day in the life of a Sales Enablement Program Manager.

A typical day in the role involves close collaboration with our sales organization to understand areas for improvement and efficiency. You will engage in remote meetings with our sales leaders or other cross-functional teams (marketing, product) to ensure alignment across the customer journey. You will work closely with our IT team to ensure our systems (Dynamics 365 CRM) match the processes and playbooks you define. On a recurring basis, you will evaluate your progress toward metrics defined by the Director of Operational Excellence.


Tell me about the benefits available.

As a team member at LMS365, you can enjoy:

  • The opportunity to work with a talented and passionate team that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration.
  • A flexible, virtual work environment.
  • Professional development opportunities and career growth within the company.
  • Fun company events and social activities to foster a positive work culture.
  • Making a positive impact on our amazing growth trajectory and contributing to the success of our customers.


Where is the job based?

This position can be based in Denmark, Germany, or the UK to support global operations and near our headquarters locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We also have a regional office in Wrexham, UK.


What skills or experience are we looking for?

Many, but this specific role would be a great fit if you have:

  • 2-3 years of quota-carrying sales experience.
  • 1+ years of experience in sales enablement, sales training, or sales operations, preferably in a SaaS model, or B2G environment.
  • 1+ years using sales enablement tools and technologies, such as CRM systems, learning management systems, and content management platforms.
  • A proven track record of developing and implementing successful sales enablement programs that drive revenue growth.
  • A strong understanding of sales methodologies, processes, and best practices.
  • An ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams and collaborate with various stakeholders.
  • Technical literacy and competency key elements of the M365 Suite: Excel, Forms, Office, Planner, PowerPoint, and Word is a requirement. 
  • Self-motivated, results-oriented, and able to work both independently and as part of a team.


What type of person succeeds in this role?

We’re looking for an individual who feels comfortable working across many different teams and personalities. In our dynamic team, this individual must be highly flexible and communicate effectively with changes that impact day-to-day for our end-users. We surveyed our team and common traits for success include:

  • Data-driven with the ability to measure the success of new programs and playbooks.
  • Technologically savvy to understand how our tools support the automation of playbooks.
  • Exceptional communicator, presenter, and facilitator to turn, insights, data, and feedback into action.
  • An agile innovator who can experiment with new playbooks that lead to better results.


Anything else I should know?

Yes. That we don’t expect you to be a “perfect match” based on the role description. What does that mean?

This means that we celebrate the unique knowledge you can offer that might not be mentioned in this job post. We appreciate diversity in all forms, and that includes the backgrounds and past experiences of our team members. So, if you don’t work with every system we mentioned or you aren’t an expert in every skill we listed, we still encourage you to apply. Because a growth mindset and an openness to learn are the most important to us.


Alright. I’m intrigued. What are the next steps?

We’re excited that you’re interested in working with us in the Sales Enablement Program Manager position. We’ve tried to make the application process as streamlined and painless as possible. Below, you can have a peek at our hiring process, so you know what to expect.

  1. Click the apply button on this page (simple enough, right?)
  2. Next, you’ll be taken to another form where you’ll upload your resume, provide answers to a few additional questions, and only add a cover letter if you wish (you’re welcome)
  3. After the application is completed and you’ve clicked ‘Send’, you’ll receive a confirmation email, so you know that your application has been received, safely and soundly.
  4. Within approximately 30 days, you will hear from our recruitment team for an update on your application.
  5. If our team thinks the role is a great match for your profile, we will reach out to schedule a first interview. This will normally be a 30-minute chat through Teams to hear more about you and we will also share more about LMS365. It’s like speed-dating but with a bit more information.
  6. After this conversation, we will provide feedback on our conversation and let you know if we’d like to keep progressing with you along the hiring journey. If we see a match, we’ll invite you along for an interview together with the hiring manager. This will usually be 1-hour meeting over Teams where we like to dig deeper into your experience in the field.
  7. The next steps typically include a panel interview with members of our customer success and sales team in the region. Here you will be asked to present a case before the team to showcase your skills.
  8. Within an average of 35 days (we always like to shoot for sooner than later) you’ll know if it’s a “Yes, please!” or a “Maybe later” for joining our team.

*Note: For all positions, references will be required to validate your application.


We look forward to learning more about you and (hopefully) welcoming you onto the team soon!


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