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Data Product Owner 2.1

Maybe you call yourself a Data Product Owner or a Data & analytics manager or a Senior BI Consultant, or maybe you call yourself Antonio? This vacancy is part of our BI Consultant team and applies to all the titles above.

>> We are currently looking for 2 Data Product Owners <<

What we offer?

  • Challenging work, 99% project based, at (international) organizations that want to develop into fully data-driven organizations;
  • A complete and experienced BI team to work with on all your projects;
  • A salary between EUR 4,000 (minimum senior) and EUR 7,300 (maximum senior) + profit sharing + pension + EUR 5,000 training budget + holiday allowance + 25 holidays + EUR 500 home office budget + laptop + team outings + drinks + “Hey, well done!” every now and then;
  • Autonomy: both in the solutions you build (just tell us how) and in your work (remotely, at the office or both);
  • The space to shape your role along the way: for example, towards team lead, partner/entrepreneur, eternal generalist or super specialist in your desired specialisms.
  • An entrepreneurial culture where we focus on business value, where you get all the opportunities you need to bring your ideas to life and have a say in the strategy/course of our team;
  • FUN! We are committed to each other, love the team spirit, regularly game together, and enjoy crazy outings and social get-togethers.

You would love to:

  • Be the strategic sparring partner for our clients, set out their BI roadmap, take the lead to realize change and guide them towards a data-driven organization.
  • Build your own client portfolio and shine like a bright star deep into the night, while you sip on your cocktail and enjoy that summer breeze over your satisfied face.
  • Build your own team to work with on your projects, coach the juniors and see them grow;
  • Have access to a complete BI team where you can shop every sprint for the skills you need on the project;
  • Present the deliveries to clients and make it a ‘WOW!’ moment every single time;
  • Translate the client’s wishes to the developer team, spar with terribly stubborn developers to find the right solutions, and continuously discover new possibilities.
  • Work with the Microsoft stack but free to step outside the world of Microsoft.
  • With the whole team, make All Your BI the most leading BI team in the Netherlands (and abroad).

This is what you bring to the table

  • Eagerness and an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • You love data and understand data structures;
  • You have a good foundation in SQL;
  • You can build great dashboards in Power BI that tells the right story;
  • You have mastered the agile mindset, stakeholder management, and consultative selling;
  • You have the necessary work experience to directly take the lead in projects;

At All Your BI we have an entrepreneurial character,
we all want to move forward and we believe that we should all benefit from the successes that this method produces. This means that we are a cooperation in which you have control over the strategy of All Your BI, you can implement your own fantastic ideas and you can and may go for opportunities that arise. And with your entrepreneurial character, you’re probably already working on the next steps…

What’s next? We have 4 steps:

1. We understand that if you are interested, you would like to know quickly where you stand and that is what we are going for. Our goal is to present you with an excellent offer within three weeks, and we value maintaining an efficient pace. Regardless, we’ll promptly reach out to you as soon as we receive your expression of interest. This way we can immediately answer some first questions and we keep it nice and personal.

2. In case of mutual interest, an introduction to Ruben Monster, one of the founders, quickly follows in an online conversation. We’re interested in your past work experiences, but more importantly, we’re keen to understand your aspirations and ambitions. This conversation is also an ideal opportunity for any questions you may have.

3. Together with 2 senior colleagues you will go deeper into the work you have done and how you have solved certain challenges. We would like to see some work from you and hear why you have chosen a certain method. If you visit us in person, you can also meet the other teammembers.

4. Do you like us? Then we’re at the end! The offer is on the table and we will of course go through it together.

One more thing. Are you interested? Please press the ‘Apply’ button and send us your ‘data’ and we will contact you as soon as possible. Feel free to let us know your coffee or tea preferences for when we have a personal introduction at the office.

We’d love to hear from you!

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