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Fitness & Nutrition Coach

If you meet any of the criteria below and are ready to level up the skills or character traits below then you may be looking at your dream job.

We are looking to bring on a part-time Assistant Coach join our team (would start off as part-time first 60 days until fully on-boarded) to support our coaching team in helping handle 1:1 support in the areas of Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability.

You will be supporting Clients from all over the world who hire us to lose fat, build muscle and take charge of their health and confidence.

This is an opportunity to…

✅ Join a fun, fast-packed and FAST growing team environment

✅ Coach motivated & positive People from all over the world

✅ Get access to my network of ELITE coaches and mentors

✅ Give you access to me on a whole new level

✅ Guide massive breakthroughs via 1:1 calls and in small group setting

✅ Work from home

✅ Earn a very fair income plus bonuses

But to be crystal-clear, and LEGIT WARNING…

❌ You are ready to over exceed expectations and make positive change

❌ You love, love, love working with people on a 1-1 level

❌ You will “get tough” on clients not executing

❌ You will feel mentally and emotionally drained many days

❌ You will take ownership of students problems

❌ You will be forced to get uncomfortable every single day

❌ You will grow our organization and not here to ‘swipe our system’ and leave

❌ I will be holding you ACCOUNTABLE to the quality of your work and PUSHING you to constantly improve.

❌ Your personal life will not be an excuse for getting in the way of our #1 Goal: seeing our clients win.



🔴 Primary role would be creating workout plans, meal plans and resources

🔴 Giving 1:1 support via our training app and zoom calls

🔴 Working closely with team to solve higher level problems

🔴 Attending all of our own training and events

🔴 20 hours a week for first 60 days and then full time opportunity offered

🔴 Monthly salary, mentorship from me and possible bonuses based on performance



➡ You are experienced with the plant-based diet

➡ You are a highly qualified and experienced fitness trainer/coach.

➡ You have experience working with clients 1:1.

➡ Skills set around fitness, nutrition, mindset, goal setting, productivity and accountability are already your zone of genius.

➡ DRIVEN by producing results for clients under your fold

➡ Coachable, Teachable and someone who excites about feedback, not endures it

➡ Built with a “big engine” and an mental capacity that can handle a lot of 1:1 calls

➡ A “Bull” when a client needs a swift kick to the tail

➡ Monday-Friday position. Saturdays are optional. Sundays are always off.


✅ Fully remote position

✅ Bonuses based on performance

✅ Have an impact with your work

✅ Ongoing Training

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