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Video Editor – with Audio Mastering, SFX, Transitions and Animations


Our business is a dream to work for…

  • We provide content promotion and lead generation to global personalities and professionals.
  • Our focus (and soon to be your focus) is to help global personalities and professionals succeed by driving attention to their most powerful educational content and drive leads to their business to increase their sales. To do this, we recruit the best video editors, graphic designers, content writers, paid ad media buyers and more.


This role is perfect for you, if…

  • You are looking for a role for as an experienced video editor
  • You want to work on multiple clients videos in long form (eg, podcast) format, short form (eg, 60 second highly animated vertical reels), etc
  • You have confidence and enjoy working with other creative people
  • You want to work remotely, full time (40 hours) a week – Monday to Friday
  • You’re interested in Day Shift hours, during Melbourne, Australia business hours
  • You have a University Level Education
  • You have proven solid work experience as a video editor of at least 2+ years
  • And, you already have advanced skills in video editing – you MUST use Adobe Premier



Your responsibilities will include…

  • Audio mastering where background noise is removed, high pitches are reduced, etc (including remove ‘umm’s, ‘ahh’s, etc)
  • Repurposing videos into various layouts and designs (eg, youtube, Instagram stories, etc)
  • Creating highly engaging visuals (eg, jump cuts, captions, intros, outro call to actions, b-roll use, etc)
  • Interpret and understand what hosts and guides are talking about to know whether to remove a section or leave it
  • Build videos that have high engagement and interaction
  • Align all videos to client branding guidelines (eg, fonts, colours, styling, b-roll to match their demographic, etc)
  • Keep in constant contact with the team


We will provide training on how to execute each item above, as long as you are the type of person who has the will to learn and master it.



To be considered for this position, you are required to:

  • You need to have a proven solid work experience as a video editor of at least 2+ years
  • You need to have a Computer/Laptop with at least i5 processor and 8gb of RAM
  • You need to have a 2nd computer screen in your home office
  • You need to have a copy of Adobe Premier and Adobe Audition
  • You need to have a fast and reliable Internet connection, with access to a back-up
  • You have a strong attention to detail and highly organised
  • You are task oriented who cares about a clients success
  • You have the ability to problem solve and improve workflow processes
  • You have a friendly, upbeat and team focused attitude
  • Most importantly, you desire to learn and obtain new responsibilities

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