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Software Engineer – One.Identity Expert (REF2201T)

Company Description

Job Description

We design and implement a central role shop for Germany and international units, at the same time we are planning the rollout of the role shop for 600 business applications.

Our vision is to ensure unique and reliable identities for employees, externals, robots and things (IoT) as well as a state-of-the-art management of access rights for applications in a fast, easy and compliant way.

That means on the one hand we are migrating customers/applications from the current identity and access management systems, on the other hand we are integrating new interested entities which would like to have the advantage of using a modern state of the art identity and access management software to manage their accounts and authorizations.


  • 2+ years experience of One.Identity Manager
  • Experience in technologies such as: SQL, VB.NET, Angular, C#, Powershell, Git, NoSQL, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory
  • Strong English language skills
  • Experience with confiiguration and role concepts
  • Knowledge of processes related to access governance (familiar with role concepts and how they can be implemented)
  • Knowledge of consulting methods and techniques for the professional advice of customers / persons (both internally and externally); ability to apply this knowledge to different situations and to assist the consultants in analyzing problems, identifying alternative solutions and suggesting a solution.


  • German language skills
  • Java, WPF, NoSQL, NLTK, NumPy, pandas, OpenCV, R, Python, PyTorch
  • Knowledge of compliance and internal control systems (ICS) would be beneficial


Additional Information

* Please be informed that our remote working possibility is only available within Hungary due to European taxation regulation.

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