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Best Resume Advice According to Reddit

Do you often turn to Reddit for answers to your burning questions? And, have you considered exploring this popular online forum to uncover what the best resume advice according to Reddit is?

Of course, Reddit can be notoriously difficult to navigate and not all of its users actually know what they’re talking about.

Still, Reddit and other public forums can be valuable sources of first-hand experience in all things resume. 

We’ve painstakingly sifted through countless subreddits, all dedicated to resume writing and career tips, to save you the trouble.

Now, we present to you the crème-de-la-crème of Reddit resume advice. 

In this article, you’ll find:

  • 6 best resume advice according to Reddit;
  • What we think about them; 
  • And, of course, examples. 

TL;DR: 5 Best resume advice according to reddit

First, for those in a hurry, here’s the TL;DR version of our top five resume advice gathered from Reddit:

  1. Use a single column layout to pass the ATS.
  2. Don’t name your resume ‘resume.pdf’.
  3. Keep you job descriptions short. Use bullet points and action verbs.
  4. Use numbers to quantify your achievements.
  5. Less is more for both word count & job applications per day.
  6. Use resume builders to make your life easier.

Now, let’s look at the best resume advice according to Reddit users more closely. Here’s what we think:

1. Use a single column layout to pass the ATS

best resume advice according to reddit: layout
Source: Reddit

If you thought that layout doesn’t play any significant role in the success rate of your resume, you thought wrong!

In case the company you’re applying to uses an Applicant Tracking System, always opt for a single column layout

The reason? ATS compatibility. 

Even though all ATSs are designed to read text from top to bottom, left to right, not every ATS is programmed to distinguish between columns. 

And you just can’t know with certainty which software you’ll encounter. Therefore, reduce the risk of your resume being incorrectly processed or rejected by picking a one-column ATS friendly resume template. This will make the process of parsing and interpreting information easier and safer.

HOWEVER. That doesn’t mean you should discard the two-column resume all-together. Here are some reasons why a two-column layout can still be beneficial:

  • Non-ATS employers. Many companies still don’t use ATS systems, making the ATS compatibility argument less relevant in these cases. For these employers, the visual and organizational benefits of a two-column layout could be more advantageous.
  • Aesthetics. A two-column format can be more visually engaging, making your resume stand out.
  • Ease of reading. Smaller chunks of information can make the resume easier for the human eye to navigate.
  • Space management. For those with less experience, a two-column layout can help evenly distribute text and avoid large empty spaces.
  • Strategic organization. It allows for a more strategic presentation of information, guiding the recruiter’s eyes through your resume efficiently.

Moreover, if you’re just entering the workforce with no experience, your resume is probably still quite sparse. 

Because of this, you may end up with a large, unattractive empty space at the bottom of your document. And with one-column structure resumes, this is often the case. 

There’ s an easy fix! Organizing your resume sections into a two-column structure can help spread the text more evenly.  

2. Don’t name your resume ‘resume.pdf’

best resume tip according to reddit: file name
Source: Reddit

Indeed, putting together a good resume is quite a tedious process.

There’re so many rules and principles to think about, for instance:

By the time you’ve finished writing your resume, you’re likely mentally drained. 

It’s at this time that errors creep out from the most unexpected places.

One such error is not naming your resume file appropriately.

How to name your resume file: step-by-step.

When naming your resume file for submission, it’s important to consider clarity, professionalism, and the likelihood of it being easily found by the recruiters. 

Here are our recommendations for naming your resume file:

  1. Use your name. Start with your full name. This is the most crucial piece of information because it clearly identifies the document as yours. For example, “PeterStones”.
  2. Specify the document type. Make it clear that the document is a resume. This helps distinguish your resume from other documents like a cover letter. For example, “Resume“.
  3. Add the job title. This can be particularly helpful if you are sending the resume directly to a hiring manager. For example, “ProductManager“.
  4. Use a professional format. Avoid using any unnecessary symbols or fancy formatting. Underscores (_) or hyphens (-) are acceptable to separate words.

A good file name for your resume could look like this: “PeterStones_Resume_ProductManager.pdf”.

Finally, before hitting send, consider carefully what to write in an email when sending a resume. Of course, when you’re applying for a job, every detail matters. Don’t neglect the content of your email – it’s also responsible for making a positive first impression.

3. Keep you job descriptions short. Use bullet points and action verbs

best resume advice according to reddit: bullet points
Source: Reddit

Undoubtedly, you know that the work experience section is the heart and soul of your resume. 

The recruiters always pay it the most attention, and so you need to be extra diligent and patient while writing about your past employment. 

Consequently, many will try to fit in as much information as humanly possible, disregarding the readability and quality of their entries. To steer clear from such mistake, follow these two simple principles:

For example, a well conceptualized work entry description can look like this:

Work experience entry example:

4. Use numbers to quantify your achievements

best resume advice according to reddit: quantify your achievements
Source: Reddit

This is another great resume advice according to a Reddit user!

The recruiters adore to see numbers in your resume! Why, you ask?

It makes life a bit easier for them. By quantifying your accomplishments, you simultaneously allow recruiters to better gauge your abilities; and add more weight to your words

Be as specific as you can – numbers are universal. 

Struggling to figure out how to incorporate numbers into your resume? Here are few examples of what you can quantify:

  • Revenue and sales increases. If you contributed to growing revenue or sales, specify the percentage or dollar amount of the increase. For example: “Boosted sales by 20% within a six-month period.
  • Cost reduction. Similarly, if you implemented strategies that reduced costs, mention the amount or percentage saved. For example: “Cut operational costs by 15% through process optimization.”
  • Time efficiency. If you streamlined processes, indicate how much time was saved. For example: “Reduced project turnaround time by 30%.”
  • Team management. If you manage a team, you can specify the number of people you supervise. For example: “Led a team of 12 sales professionals.”
  • Project scope and delivery. Quantify the size or value of the projects you managed, then mention if you delivered them under budget or ahead of schedule. For example:  “Managed projects worth $2M, consistently delivering 10% under budget.”
  • Training and development. If you were involved in training, mention the number of people you trained or the improvement in performance post-training. For example: “Trained over 30 employees, leading to a 40% increase in overall team efficiency.

5. Less is more for both word count & job applications per day

best resume advice according to reddit: word count
Source: Reddit

Resume advice two-in-one!

As this Reddit user rightly pointed out, less is sometimes more

This is especially true when it comes to the content of your resume as well as the amount of job applications you send out each day.

When crafting your resume, keep in mind that you must show the recruiters that you have everything they’re looking for. Chances are, you actually have much more – more diverse job experience; more interesting hobbies; or more fulfilling volunteer work you’d like to share with them. 


Obviously, resumes have their length limitations. Once you’ve started to write yours, you’ll soon learn that you have to be picky! 

Recruiters prefer resumes that are focused, relevant, and straight-to-the-point. In other words, don’t make them read information they didn’t ask for. 

The same applies to applying for jobs.

Many in this situation start panic-applying to every single job posting they find. Because they assume that the more applications they send, the bigger their chances at landing a job will be. 

Makes sense right?

In theory, maybe. In practice? Hardly!

Believe it or not, there’s such a thing as sending too many applications. Basically, if your solely focus on the quantity of applications, you’re running the risk of sacrificing their quality

And that is a problem. If you’d like to learn how to go about this problem, including tips on how to manage the pressure of job hunting, take a look at what research says about the ideal number of job applications.

6. Use resume builders to make your life easier

top resume advice according to reddit: kickresume
Source: Reddit

Now, hand over your heart!

Would you prefer to sit in front of your computer for hours, battling with Microsoft Word and its many settings? Trying to create a perfect resume design from scratch? 

Admit it, even the thought of setting margins and spacing makes you roll your eyes. 

Hence, arguably the best resume advice according to reddit is to make a resume with an online resume builder to avoid these inconveniences (politely said).

No need to scratch your head over a layout or the best colour palette! Instead, simply pick a resume template that best suits your needs (both aesthetic and practical), fill in all your information, and watch your resume come to life in seconds. 

Additionally, resume builders can proofread and correct any misspellings or typos you might’ve otherwise missed. 

Sounds good? If so, your perfect resume is one click away.

Key Takeaways: Best resume advice according to Reddit

In conclusion, Reddit and other public forums can serve as a good starting point for seeking resume advice.

Apart from first-hand applicant experience, many posts are sumbitted by actual hiring managers.

However, there’s a lot to weed out first to find the best resume advice according to reddit.

Plus, you should always compare your findings with reputable sources. Which is exactly what we did.

  1. Use a single column layout to pass the ATS.
  2. Don’t forget to name your resume file appropriately.
  3. Keep your job descriptions short with bullet points and action verbs.
  4. Use numbers to quantify your achievements.
  5. Keep your resume concise and the number of daily applications reasonable. 
  6. Use online tools (like Kickresume) to build your resume.

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