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UX/UI Internship

Duration: 3 months
Commitment: Full-time


Crafton is a dynamic web design agency offering an exciting internship opportunity within the Erasmus+
program. We invite individuals eager for personal and professional growth in an international setting to join
us. At Crafton, we aren’t just creators; we are storytellers, shaping brand narratives and assisting our clients in
becoming integral parts of these stories.

The internship period is flexible and can be extended, with the option for remote or on-site hybrid work.

  • Conducting web analysis and audits, including tasks like evaluating information architecture, analyzing
    Google Analytics data, benchmarking against industry standards, applying Krug’s usability test, and
    assessing compliance with Nielsen Heuristics.
  • Crafting wireframes to outline website or app layouts and functionalities.
  • Developing interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback.  
  • Designing graphics for social media platforms.  
  • Creating UX reports.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Proactive and self-motivated individuals.  
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Passion for learning and research.
  • Prior knowledge of UX/UI required for this internship.
  • B2 English Level.

What We Offer:

  • Potential for a permanent role after a successful 3-month internship  
  • An opportunity to gain practical experience within international business markets.  
  • To gain experience in working with world-class brands like a lot, BMW, LOT Airlines, Redbull, etc.
  • Training and access to materials that will speed up your learning journey.
  • Fully remote working with lots of freedom and flexible hours
  • Hands-on application of UX/UI skills in real projects.
  • The potential for personal and professional development, including the possibility of promotion.
  • A welcoming and friendly work environment.
  • A youthful atmosphere that encourages the expression of thoughts and the generation of innovative ideas for company implementation.
  • Freedom in your work approach.
  • Flexible work arrangements.
About the company

We are a team of web technology enthusiasts with good design and user-centered strategies. Building relationships is as essential to us as the quality of what we deliver. We believe we can achieve more through trust and honesty is as essential to us as the quality of what we deliver.

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