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(Senior) Software Engineer Backend

Revolutionize the digital landscape with Trusted Shops! Join us in crafting cutting-edge SaaS solutions that empower over 30 million users and 30,000 companies throughout Europe. Our innovative product suite, featuring renowned offerings like Trustbadge, buyer protection, and the dynamic eTrusted feedback platform, stands as a testament to our two-decade commitment to fostering trust in the digital realm.

Unleash your potential in our thriving Products & Engineering division, the beating heart of our product innovation. Immerse yourself in a dynamic ecosystem of 13 cross-functional Product-Teams spanning 4 Product-Domains, all fueled by the energy of our agile environment.

Are you a creative and passionate coder? Do you thrive in dynamic environments and want to make a real impact for our customers? Join our Product Team as a (Senior) Software Engineer (f/m/d) Backend and help us advance our mission to unlock new value!

What your role’s responsibilities will include:

Collaborate with a dynamic cross-functional Product Team, including Software Engineers (f/m/d), DevOps Engineers (f/m/d), and QA Engineers (f/m/d), to drive the development of core services in our eTrusted Feedback Platform.
Dive into TypeScript and Java microservices, leveraging event-driven architecture, all hosted on AWS, as you contribute to the evolution of our cutting-edge platform.
Your role focuses on backend expertise, where you’ll create solutions that cater to both internal and external customers. As part of the team, you play a crucial role in breathing life into backend services and APIs, ensuring they adapt and evolve to meet the changing business requirements.
Embrace the “You build it, you own it” philosophy, where you take charge of shepherding changes through every stage until they go live in production. In addition to development, you’ll also be involved in monitoring and automating aspects of our infrastructure.

What your day as a (Senior) Software Engineer (f/m/d) Backend might look like:

Begin your day by setting up your workspace, whether it’s at home or in the office, ensuring it’s just right for a productive day ahead.
Open your personalized task manager and immerse yourself in the range of projects you’re currently tackling, from short-term tasks to major stories within larger Epics.
Gather with your team in the daily standup to set the stage for a day of collaborative work. Together, you’ll review the sprint backlog or preferred agile collaboration tools like Kanban boards.
Dive into your work, focusing on stories, tasks, and bug fixes from the sprint backlog or Kanban board. This might involve solo coding sessions or collaborative efforts, such as pair or mob programming.
It’s lunchtime! Enjoy a meal at home with your significant other or join team members and colleagues in exploring nearby restaurants.
If you’re in the office, seize the opportunity to indulge in treats like Waffle Day or Health Day. Grab a freshly baked Waffle or a freshly crushed Smoothie, reenergizing you for the tasks at hand.
Spend your afternoon in work sessions and perhaps some meetings, all tailored to your preferences and team dynamics.
If you’re in the Office today? Extend your day with a refreshing moment on the Rooftop Terrace, savoring a complimentary Drink before bidding the Office adieu – because we value work-life balance.
Alternatively, this could be your monthly self-education day, free from meetings and devoted to your chosen learning and self-improvement agenda.

As a (Senior) Software Engineer (f/m/d) Backend, you bring a wealth of experience in Backend development, with a strong proficiency in TypeScript and/or Java and Spring Boot.
Your expertise extends to SQL or NoSQL databases, particularly PostgreSQL or DynamoDB.
You excel in deploying and managing workloads in the cloud, whether it’s utilizing AWS Lambdas or orchestrating web apps in container environments like K8s and AWS ECS.
You’re well-versed in the AWS ecosystem, demonstrating a deep understanding of computing workloads, essential network functions, and storage operations.
Terraform and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks are tools you’re comfortable working with.
You place a high value on clean code, optimizing application performance, and thorough testing in the software development process.
With several years of experience as a Software Engineer (f/m/d) Backend, you’ve a deep practical knowledge and are committed to fostering a respectful and collaborative work environment.
Your communication skills in English are excellent, and while not mandatory, your knowledge of other languages is an added asset.
You’re dedicated to achiev our larger objectives and you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure we reach them.

What we offer you

The freedom to do a really good job
New Work: work up to 100% mobile (or on-site/hybrid) within Germany and take advantage of our flexible model
One “Self Education Day” per month
30.5 days vacation
Individual training opportunities
Health Pass (free online and offline sports, fitness and health courses)
Team events (summer party, Christmas party, unit events)
An international and diverse environment – colleagues from over 40 nations who work for 13 markets in 5 offices across Europe
An unique company spirit – an open error culture, enthusiasm for good results, and giving every individual room for growth


Not sure if you are what we are looking for? Apply!
At Trusted Shops, we are interested in you as a person – whether you fit in with us is
independent of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Trusted Shops is clearly committed to diversity and against discrimination.

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