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Consultant & Technology Solutions Architect – Smart Workspaces

EOS IT Solutions is a Global Technology and Logistics company, providing Smart Workspaces, Collaboration and Business IT Support services to some of the world’s largest industry leaders, delivering forward-thinking solutions based on a multi-domain architecture. Customer satisfaction and commitment to superior quality of service are our top business priorities, along with investing in and supporting our partners and employees.
*Job Title*
Consultant & Technology Solutions Architect – Smart Workspaces
*General Job Description*
Role is as a joint Solutions Architect & Consulting role. This is a leadership role, initially the recipient of the position will be entering EOS and be mentored and receive training to gain knowledge of EOS’s Smart Workspaces methodologies. Once familiar with the EOS approach to Smart Workspaces, you will be responsible for engaging with global enterprise and large enterprise clients to help them transform their current workspaces into industry leading Smart Workspace environments to support desired outcomes in productivity, sustainability, talent acquisition & retention and hybrid work. Will be responsible for building and running programs to deliver client specific projects.
*Duties And Responsibilities*

* Using consultative methodologies; work with multi-national companies to assist them in defining their global Smart Workspaces vision.
* Evaluating clients and their environments to ascertain their current state in Smart Workspaces, strategies, technologies, and technology adoption processes.
* Reviewing Specifications and Drawings in various formats (Master Format, OmniClass, UniFormat, custom etc.), and create assessments using EOS consulting methodologies on which you will be trained.
* Complete training on the EOS specific Optimal Technology Reference Architecture for Smart Workspaces.
* Train to gain familiarity with specific technologies required to support an EOS Optimal Technology Architecture.
* Complete GAP analysis and identify areas where adoption of the EOS Optimal Technology Architecture can meet clients desired outcomes within specific projects.
* Engaging as a Solutions Architect to build Optimal Technology Architectures specific to clients within their planned application. To be able to present comprehensive solutions back to clients, to internal EOS technology resources, and 3rd party partners.
* Strong writing skills are a must. Will be required to create and modify content for building specifications to support client specific technology architected solutions following the EOS methodologies.
* Drawing skills are required to complete rough technology architecture drawings and engage EOS and third-party designers to complete Technology Series drawings for construction bid packages.
* Lead program management effort to maintain a vision across all solutions required to deliver client specific outcomes. You will be responsible for coordinating with client, EOS, and third-party designers, technology specialist, project managers, procurement specialist, sales teams etc. to ensure success of a program.

*Qualifications for the job.*

* Solid knowledge of the construction industry, prior experience engaging with architects and MEP engineers. 4+ years.
* The ability to read and understand construction industry specifications and drawings.
* Consulting or Consultative Sales Experience 4+ years
* Must be able to travel to support multi-national customers as needed.
* This is a remote work position, must be able to work effectively in a remote work environment.
* Prior program or project management experience. Experience in construction projects is a plus but not required.
* Familiarity with one or more building technologies. (Physical security, video surveillance, HVAC control, lighting control etc.)
* Familiarity IT/OT systems (networks, wireless, AV, cybersecurity etc.) Must have enough know how to guide and direct clients EOS and third-party technology specialists.
* Customer focus and tenacity. EOS is engaging with industry technology leaders and is on the leading edge, disrupting industry norms, and leading the digitization of real estate. The recipient of this position will be required to have the highest standards of personal accountability and customer focus. Recipient will effectively lead all engagements and communicate with clients, the internal EOS team, and third-party partners to overcome challenges that are common in large scale digital transformation projects.
* Microsoft Office 365 Skills
* CAD or VISIO experience is a plus but not required.
* Any LEED, WELL, RCDD or other industry certifications is a plus but not required.
* Any architectural or electrical engineering experience, training or certifications is a plus but not required.
* 4-year degree in related fields is a plus but not required. 2-year degrees, industry specific certified professionals, trade school graduates and applicants with honourable military discharges and relevant practical experiences will be eligible for consideration.

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