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Dreaming of working in a place where work-life balance isn’t just a concept, but a lived practice? Then it’s no surprise you’re looking for jobs in Italy (for Americans)

Italy is a place where long lunches and clear boundaries between office and personal life are the norms. 

Why wouldn’t you want to work in the country of pizza, pasta, and Aperol spritz?!

The Italian way of life, where you work to live and not live to work, offers a refreshing change of pace compared to America’s hustle culture.

This guide will walk you through the essentials of adapting to the Italian job market, from where to look for jobs for Americans in Italy to navigating legal requirements

Top sectors for American job seekers in Italy

When looking for jobs in Italy, certain industries stand out as particularly well-suited for Americans. 

The good news is that these industries aren’t just suitable; they’re also thriving and growing. 

Let’s have a look at the top three sectors that offer promising opportunities for Americans seeking employment in Italy: 

  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Technology, Business & Finance
  • Education 

Tourism & Hospitality

Italy’s rich history, art, and culture make it a top destination for tourists worldwide. The tourism and hospitality industry is robust and constantly in need of skilled professionals. 

In fact, the industry is so big that it generates roughly 10.2 percent of the country’s GDP.

Americans, with their proficiency in English and understanding of diverse cultures, are well-suited for this sector. Their ability to cater to English-speaking tourists and bring a fresh perspective to hospitality services is highly valued.

Tech, Business & Finance

Italy’s technology sector witnessed substantial growth and experienced a remarkable influx of venture capital, with over $1.8 billion invested in Italian startups within the year 2022. 

Milan, as the financial hub, plays a central role, accounting for a substantial portion of the total deals in the country. 

With Italy’s tech scene growing, there’s a demand for innovative thinkers and skilled professionals. Similarly, in business and finance, global insights and expertise are always in need. 

Americans, often at the forefront of technological and business trends, can bring valuable knowledge and skills to these fields, making them ideal candidates for roles in these sectors.


Italy’s education scene is an exciting place for American teachers. The demand for native English speakers is high, and American educators are a perfect fit. 

International schools are booming, offering numerous opportunities for teachers from the U.S. 

Plus, Americans can also find fulfilling work as private English tutors. And for those with a strong educational background, Italian universities often seek English-speaking lecturers for their English-language programs. 

top 10 jobs in italy for americans

Top 10 jobs in Italy for Americans

Finding the right job in Italy as an American can be both exciting and rewarding.

Here’s a list of the top 10 jobs that are particularly well-suited for Americans looking for a job in Italy:

  1. Event coordinator. Italy’s popularity for weddings and events among Americans is growing. An American coordinator with knowledge of local laws, venues, and service providers becomes a preferred choice for many.
  2. Tour guide. Americans, with their fluent English and perspective on Western culture, are ideal for guiding English-speaking tourists through Italy’s historic sites.
  3. Hotel manager. Experienced in diverse customer service cultures, American hotel managers can effectively cater to international guests in Italy’s renowned hospitality industry.
  4. Marketing specialist. American marketing specialists can use their ‘Emily in Paris’-like skills to bring a fresh, global approach to Italian brands.
  5. IT consultant. With the U.S. being a leader in tech innovation, American IT consultants can bring cutting-edge skills to Italy’s evolving tech sector.
  6. Real estate agent. Knowledgeable in international property standards, American real estate agents can effectively assist expats and investors in Italy.
  7. Business analyst. With a background in global business trends, American analysts can provide valuable insights to Italian companies expanding in the international market.
  8. Private english tutor. Americans are great for this job, helping Italians learn English in a simple, one-on-one setting. Perfect for those who like to teach and connect personally.
  9. English teacher. Native English-speaking Americans are in high demand for teaching English, as schools and language institutions in Italy seek to enhance language proficiency.
  10. University lecturer. American lecturers, especially in English-language programs, are sought after in Italian universities for their expertise and native language skills.

Each of these roles not only suits the skill set that many Americans bring but also offers a unique opportunity to engage with Italian culture and lifestyle.

Job sites for Americans looking for a job in Italy

Where to find jobs for Americans in Italy

Finding a job in Italy might seem daunting at first, especially if you’re not from around there. The job market can feel like a maze if you don’t know where to start looking.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We sifted through the web and found five job sites that are just the ticket for Americans hunting for work in Italy.

These sites are your shortcut to finding the right job, without the headache of sifting through everything yourself.

Top 5 job sites for Americans looking for a job in Italy:

  1. The Local. The Local, managed by the Italian local news department, is one of the best job search websites in Italy. With over 3000 job postings daily, Thelocal is one of the most searched job website in Italy.
  2. LavoroTurismo. This Italian job search website specializes in listing jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. Side note: You might need to turn on the Google automatic translation.
  3. InfoJobs. This is the big fish of job search sites in Italy, boasting a wide range of jobs across various industries. Side note: You might need to turn on the Google automatic translation.
  4. LinkedIn. Beyond networking, LinkedIn’s job board is vast and versatile for job seekers in Italy. It’s an excellent platform for making connections and finding job postings tailored to your skills​​.
  5. Monster Italia. Monster is a well-established job search website that caters to both Italian and international job seekers. Its user-friendly search filters help you narrow down exactly what you’re after.

With these sites in your job-hunting toolkit, you’re well on your way to finding exciting work opportunities in Italy.

Whether you’re into tech, teaching, or anything in between, these platforms can help you get there.

How to secure a job in Italy as an American in 5 steps

Finding a job in Italy as an American involves a multi-step process, from identifying job opportunities to navigating the visa application.

Here’s a simplified guide with additional resources to help you through it:

  1. Prepare your resume and apply for jobs.

    It might sound strange, but applying for and scoring a job in Italy is crucial for relocation, as your future employer will handle much of the visa process for you. So, have a look at in-demand jobs, search the online job portals, and prepare a resume suitable for the Italian job market. More on that in a separate chapter.

  2. Understand the visa requirements.

    Non-EU citizens need to secure a job before applying for a work visa. The process involves your Italian employer obtaining a work permit on your behalf, after which you can apply for a work visa at the Italian consulate in your home country. There are various types of work visas so ensure you apply for the one that best fits your employment situation​​.

  3. Apply for a work visa.

    With your work permit approved and job contract in hand, you can apply for a work visa at an Italian consulate. The application will require several documents, including your passport, work contract, and proof of accommodation in Italy​. Note that the Italian government has a quota for how many visas they issue and for which industries.

  4. Register upon arrival.

    Once you arrive in Italy with your work visa, you have eight days to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno’ (residence permit), which is necessary for legally staying and working in Italy​​.

  5. Obtain a tax number.

    You’ll need a ‘Codice Fiscale’ (tax identification number) for various official processes in Italy, including opening a bank account and signing a rental agreement. This can be obtained from the Agenzia delle Entrate (tax office)​​.

This guide provides a general overview, but remember, specifics can vary based on individual circumstances and job types.

Types of work visas in Italy for Americans

U.S. citizens looking to work in Italy have several visa options available.

Here we list the ones which may interest you the most:

  • Work Visa. There are various types of work permit visas available, depending on job type. Your employer should advise you on the right one for your individual situation.
  • Internship Visa. The Italian Internship Visa allows non-EU nationals to carry out an internship in Italy. 
  • Business Visa. Italy offers various types of business visas, aimed at foreign investors who want to live and work in Italy.
  • Family Visa. Holding a work visa with a minimum duration of one year means that family members are eligible for a family reunification visa. This includes spouses, children under the age of 18, adult children with disabilities, and dependent or elderly parents.
  • Self-Employment Visa. This visa requires applicants to register with a local Chamber of Commerce to confirm their self-employment work status.
  • Start-Up Visa. For non-EU innovators who are in their home countries, and wish to join the Italian startup ecosystem to establish their innovative business.
  • EU Blue Card. Highly-skilled workers can apply for the EU Blue Card — the European equivalent of a green card. It allows holders to live and work indefinitely in most EU countries.
  • Digital Nomad Visa. The Italian Government has introduced the Digital Nomad Visa in March 2022.

Most visa applications cost €116, which equates to roughly $120 depending on the exchange rate.

You can apply for them at an Italian embassy in your country of residence.

Italy-specific resume tips

Crafting a resume for the Italian job market requires an understanding of local expectations and norms.

Here’s how you can tailor your CV to make a strong impression on Italian employers:

  1. Consider the language. First, your CV doesn’t always need to be in Italian, especially for roles that don’t require Italian language proficiency. However, having an Italian version can be a plus for positions within local companies.
  2. Use a chronological resume format. Secondly, stick to a chronological resume format for your resume. In Italy, a traditional approach is preferred, listing your experiences from the most recent.
  3. Write concise job descriptions. Include the employer’s name or academic institution and a succinct description of your responsibilities. Avoid over-selling yourself, as is common in English CVs
  4. Do include a photo. Including a photo on a resume is optional but often expected. If you choose to add one, ensure it’s professional and reflects well on you.
  5. Include correct contact information. In the resume header when listing your phone number, add the correct country prefix to ensure employers can contact you without issues.
  6. Look up italian equivalents of qualifications. Translate the names of your qualifications into Italian where possible, to make it easier for employers to understand your educational background.
  7. Include a GDPR statement: Finally, at the bottom of your CV, include a GDPR compliance statement: “Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali ai sensi del D.L. 196/2003.” This indicates your consent for recruiters to process your personal data in line with Italy’s privacy laws.

To see this applied in practice, look at the resume sample below, which belongs to a real person who got a job in Italy

To see the full, two-page version of the resume, click directly on the image.

Key takeaways: Jobs in Italy for Americans

Jumping into the Italian job market is an exciting move for any American eager to experience Italy’s deep culture, stunning sceneries, and dynamic work environment.

With the right approach to your job hunt and resume, you’re setting yourself up for an exciting career move.

Getting familiar with Italy’s job requirements and the most promising sectors is a smart way to kickstart this journey.

TL;DR: Here’s a list of the top 10 jobs for Americans in Italy:

  1. Event Coordinator
  2. Tour Guide
  3. Hotel Manager
  4. Marketing Specialist
  5. IT Consultant
  6. Real Estate Agent
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Private English Tutor
  9. English Teacher
  10. University Lecturer

However, maybe Italy isn’t what you want after all. Maybe you’d prefer to work in Australiafind a job in Canada, or even prefer working from a rainy cottage and get a job in the UK.

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