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Associate Producer

Company Description

City State Entertainment is an independent video game development studio founded in March 2011, in Fairfax, Virginia. The studio embodies an “open office” collaborative process where all team members are expected to contribute to the design and the development process. The team has built a next-generation engine tentatively titled the “Unchained Engine” which is powering their two games in development – Camelot Unchained, a niche RvR old-school MMORPG (currently in Beta) and Final Stand: Ragnarok, a PvE looter-slasher in which teams of any size fight against hordes of NPCs (currently in very Early Access on Steam).

Job Description

Want to be a part of a growing team working on a one of a kind game? City State Entertainment is looking to hire an Associate Producer to assist our team and help bring our two projects to life!

Role and Responsibilities

As an Associate Producer, you will work directly with leadership to help our content teams deliver work in a creative fast paced environment. Daily duties will include managing JIRA workflows, keeping art on task, communicating general statuses, and working with senior Production to ensure scheduling and deliverability in the art pipeline, as well as general duties as assigned.



Preferred Qualifications

•    2+ years in game development either in art or QA

•    At least a year of Production or Project Management experience in software or games

•    Experience working with JIRA Cloud

•    General understanding of software or game development practices

•    MMO Experience strongly preferred

Additional Information


•    Experience working with creative team members

•    Strong emotional intelligence

•    Experience working with outsourcing partners or similar

Note: City State Entertainment is hiring for a broad range of positions on a growing team. We have definite skill and task needs, but the eventual division of tasks within the team will depend on the eventual team members. If you’re an outstanding and talented individual whose qualifications fall halfway between two of our listings, we’d still like to hear from you. All candidates must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. We are an emphatically equal-opportunity employer. This position is remote.


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