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Senior Engineering Manager – User Experiences

Upbound is the company behind Crossplane, the open source project which started the control plane revolution in the cloud native community. Upbound helps companies rise above the clouds with our Crossplane powered Universal Cloud Platform. With Upbound you get universal real-time visibility into all of your infrastructure environments, the same API centric approach Kubernetes pioneered for managing infrastructure and policies, and self service infrastructure capabilities.

As Upbound’s Experiences Senior Manager, you’re responsible for leading the product development group responsible for the customer-facing experience of Upbound Cloud, our managed SaaS offering. This includes our Global Console, Upbound Marketplace, Global Registry, and Upbound API which includes our Global API, SDKs, & CLIs. Upbound Cloud provides hosted control planes for our customers based on the open source Crossplane Project (, which is an open-source cloud native control plane based on Kubernetes, created by Upbound. Crossplane is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project.

In this role, you will…

  • Serve as a Senior Manager of Upbound’s User Experience Group
  • Lead, mentor, and manage three teams ensuring effective collaboration and productivity: Global Console, API, and Marketplace
  • Manager other managers and plan and oversee the hiring process to build and maintain strong teams
  • Drive strategic planning across User Experiences including developing and implementing a long-term strategy
  • Own the uptime and reliability of the associated live production services
  • Conduct regular performance reviews and provide constructive feedback to team members
  • Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the teams
  • Oversee the design, development, and maintenance of user interfaces and experiences Collaborate with product managers and other stakeholders to prioritize and roadmap feature development
  • Ensure that products meet high standards for usability, performance, and reliability
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance in the development of scalable and robust services and solutions
  • Ensure adherence to best practices in software development, including code quality, testing, and security
  • Act as a liaison between the engineering teams and other departments, including sales, marketing, and customer support
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders to understand their needs and translate them into product features
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration to ensure a cohesive user experience across all products
  • Be entrusted to make technology decisions for the business and procuring the right technology
  • Communicate thoughtful and thorough designs and architecture for new initiatives
  • Deliver high quality, well tested, and reliable functionality and services to production environments
  • Incorporate user feedback into the product development process to enhance user satisfaction
  • Understand customer needs and market trends to guide the team in creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces

You are a good fit if you have…

  • 8+ years management experience
  • 5+ years previous software engineering experience writing high quality, reliable, and maintainable software
  • Product Development Experience and shipping features as part of a SaaS Product
  • Familiarity with Crossplane, the Cloud Native Ecosystem, and Platform Engineering
  • Have full software lifecycle experience of successfully taking multiple projects from early designs to production deployment

It is a plus if…

  • You have worked in a startup before
  • You are passionate about the Kubernetes, Cloud Native Computing, and the Platform Engineering Spaces



While building amazing technology is important, Upbound has an intense commitment to building a great culture. With company values like Be Accountable, Demonstrate Craftsmanship, Champion the Customer, Collaborate Decisively, Care For Our Communities, Act as an Owner and Engage Vulnerability; you’ll find yourself in a place where learning, growth, impact, and fun finally intersect. Similar to the open source community we serve, we look to each other to constantly iterate and improve on what we’re building and you will be a key contributor in this effort.

We encourage people of all backgrounds, gender identities, ethnicities, ages, or any other descriptors that make you uniquely you, to apply with enthusiasm and confidence.  Upbound is a place where you can be 100% comfortable being you.

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