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5 Reasons Why The Job Search Is Harder Now

“Why is this job search so damn hard?”

This is a sentiment I hear often…

And, yes, the job search nowadays at all levels ain’t easy.

It’s always had its challenges…

But in this video, I go through 5 stats/scenarios that explain why it’s hard.

Thank you to Jim Stroud of SourceCon, Hunt Scanlon, Hung Lee, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Katrina Kibben for their stats and insights that helped me come up with this list (credit given for each point in the video, too).

It’s no wonder job seekers are burned out.

These 5 points are big hurdles to overcome.

But here is the thing…

They are “overcome-able”…


First step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem and accepting the situation at hand.

So watch this video.

And accept the situation…

Like you have done 627 times at work.

Once you accept the situation, you can come up with a plan.

So DM me if you want to have a plan.

And until then, keep educating yourself on how recruiting works and what’s going on “on the other side.”

Each month, I have a pop-up career chat, aptly named, where I speak to executive recruiting experts from different disciplines and tangentially-related-to-hiring experts (like executive comp lawyers, executive coaches, employment lawyers, executive education leaders, etc…) to give YOU the inside scoop on how hiring works.

So go to to register for my next guest session.

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