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3 Beliefs Sabotaging Your Executive Job Search

3 Beliefs Sabotaging Your Executive Job Search

How someone conducts their job search can tell an employer a lot about a candidate.

Here is an example…

Do you say, “You do things differently,” but then do the most common job search activities that the job-seeking masses do in droves?

How can you say you approach business situations differently than others when you do the job search—essentially a business situation—just like every other job seeker?

What you say and what you do must be in alignment.

Did that last statement sting?

Well then, you will want to watch this video…

I share three job search sabotaging beliefs I see in senior-level job seekers who are struggling all the damn time.

Note: none of this is meant to be accusatory.

I share each observation in the video with love.

Because unless you, the job seeker…my intended audience…are aware of the energy you put out into the world, it’s hard to change that energy to get what you want.
What do you think?
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Let’s do this!

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