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4 Causes Why Resume Matching Software May Not Work For You

If you have been running your resume through resume matching software and it’s not working for you…it may not be you.

It could be one of the 4 causes I outline in my next video as to why it won’t work for you…for the job you are targeting or at all.

And to be super clear, this is not a resume matching software bashing video. These tools can be really helpful in the right scenarios.

But like all tools, no tool works in every scenario. Same with resume tracking software tools.
So, if you have been running your resume through these platforms with no results, I bet you might have at least one of the problems I mentioned in the video.

But no fear…hiring through job postings only accounts for about 20-25% of hires. So, if applying to jobs via postings isn’t yielding interviews, you have other options—many other options.

If you register for my upcoming live training session, I will show you how to write resumes for humans, software, and everything in between.

I will also show you how to do a successful and exciting job search in today’s tricky job market.

Register and join me for answers. I know you will walk away learning at least one thing you didn’t know before you attended.

See you there!

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