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In an age of agility and speed and AI and shortcuts and hacks and outsourcing the hard yards to bots and (perceptions of) scrappiness, I slay the slow-motion world record. Because when it comes to writing C-Suite, Executive, Board of Director and Entrepreneur resumes, I am not an Amazon-business-style resume writer.

While scrolling Amazon for my next tripod or birthday present or widget or product satisfies my shopper’s soul, I am less inclined to lay down dollars when I want custom crafted items. If I desire a tailored-to-me product or a uniquely custom gift for a family member or friend, then I hire a craftsman or woman to do the job meticulously and right, not fast.

Slowing down to reveal the finer storied lines

Similarly, with resume writing, I slow down to speed up.

Because let’s face it, there is nothing custom about quickening a process that requires deep thought, reflection and assimilation of hundreds, if not thousands of raw details. There’s nothing custom about speedily chunking out an executive resume that requires a sculptor’s hand, whittling away the unnecessary bits, pieces and blemishes and revealing the finer attributes and storied lines that otherwise would be crushed by a big hammer.

Pushing back on resume mill whisperers and why I am not an Amazon business-style resume writer

When a prospect approaches me on Tuesday for a resume that s/he needs Thursday, or even a week or two later, I respectfully decline–or present my DIY Resume Starter Kit product. While I understand the naivete that still abounds and that further is exacerbated by these nifty tools and tricks that only AI, tech and fast-talking resume mill whisperers espouse, I gently push back and hope that next time the job seeker will plan differently.

To get the best resume from the best resume service, seek out those resume writers who care about quality first over speed.

This mantra resonates deeply in this experienced writer’s mind–despite the latest resume fairy dust headlines — your resume requires due diligence, craftsmanship, thoughtfulness and carefully etched lines that shape your story.

Building a meaningfully layered story versus a meaningless veneer

By slowing down to think things through, and aligning stories with the the right experience,  areas/industry(ies) of interest, values, et al, you increase the likelihood of building a meaningfully layered story versus a meaningless veneer.

By taking a breath or two or five, and settling into the marathon of executive job search, you reframe your goals, reset your initial expectations and strategize a new path to future aspirations. You set a course to attract that right reader–ultimately speeding up the journey to the job search finish line.

I am Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Owner of and a certified Master Resume Writer. As an Exec Career Storyteller, I’ve exhilarated more than 2,000 C-Suite, Entrepreneur + Board Resumes, Biographies + Web Content. I put your value into words through meticulous deliberation to shape stories that illuminate your unique traits and value proposition.







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