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Career Hope In the throes of a major downsizing, I’m not just cleaning out a few drawers in the house, or a closet or two.

It’s an all-encompassing initiative that starts with the clearing-out of both physical + intangible clutter and reprioritizing the items that are left. While unleashing from the weight of things, it’s about simultaneously architecting a new lifestyle framework.

Closing doors to widen perspective

It’s about opening up my story to meaningful experiences and moments and shuttering–or at least lessening–that which detracts.

It’s about enabling travel and sights and sounds and writing and inspiration; it’s about soaking up the visual and auditory sensations that God has on display in this beautiful and rough and well-worn, blue-sky, stormy, nature-rich, landscape.

It’s about awakening to the sunrises and birdsong and imagination and hope.

Interestingly, and perhaps not so coincidentally, this is akin to what I support executives and professionals in doing nearly every single day. Many of my executive career storytelling (aka, executive and board resume) clients are in the final chapter(s) of their career, with newly empty nests and/or a series of career climaxes that they now wish leverage for a brighter and lighter future.

Creating stories that spark momentum

And in my role as Owner of CareerTrend(.net), Certified Master Resume Writer and C-Suite Storyteller, I aspire to inspire their stories with just the right amount of nuance and vigor as well as clarity in focus to accompany them on this journey. Not only do I wish for the words we mold into stories to accompany them, but my intention is also to create stories that help them to gain traction and momentum. It’s a collaborative initiative, where both the writer (me) and the client (executive careerist) must fully participate in order to architect the right elements into a cohesive, individualized and structured career story.

Throughout this process, a deep-dive, exec career development worksheet requires the executive to not only be introspective about where they’ve been and where they want to go, but it also requires them to shed old perceptions about themselves. It requires they weave into the worksheet the career story threads that matter most to them to illustrate their future vision versus recycling tattered early-career threads that are now outdated and irrelevant.

Igniting their stories with career hope

Moreover, it enables them to shed the weight and distraction of old stories that bog them down, while also pulling forward those stories that still light their fire and in turn will inspire the next-generation executive suite decision-maker or room of board members. While the thinking and synthesizing process can be rigorous at times, once a client gets into the flow of his or her thoughts, they find a rhythm and joy–a contentment if you will. Navigating through a river of memories while looking ahead to potential opportunities with which to meld their experiences, they are imbued with new-found career hope, dreams and goals lined with possibility!

I am one of only 50 master resume writers who has crafted more than 1,500 career stories. An intuitive listener, I reveal your stories using my journalist’s training (bachelor’s degree in writing/journalism): in-depth, tailored worksheet + phone interview fuel the writing strategy. I meld facts gathering with a unique sensitivity to your nuances and then imbue each line of your story. Contact me here for more information.

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