We create some of the most creative, yet impactful Resumes in the world.


We provide resume development, consulting, and other professional and writing services including essay writing, resumes, portfolios, job Work graphs, infographics, selection criteria, etc. for job seekers and professionals. For more details please review our services page.

With over 6 years of experience specializing in recruitment and content writing, we provide corporate insight into various leading organizations. We have recruited executives and professionals from world-class organizations. MBAs, Managers, Vice Presidents and Middle Management. I’ve interviewed thousands – yes, thousands of candidates as an HR leader, recruiter, and hiring manager. Renowned as a professional engineer with desirable service offerings. The UNICORE Resumes database is much more than anyone would expect. We hold a very strong accreditation to serve as many clients as possible than anyone in the resume writing industry.

Having basic skills is no longer enough to separate yourself from the competition. By describing your brand, you will flaunt your natural talents, skills, key achievements and data that will improve all relevant information for interviews, job offers and salary increase. Recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers, and CEOs prefer eye-catching, credible, and engaging resumes. We know how to weave your brand into a personalized document that represents you with all your success!! The brand is professional and reflects you. Your resume is your advertisement. Think of your brand as paving the way for others to recognize you.

Once you submit your resume, a personal resume writer will be assigned to you. He or she will analyze the information you provided.

After processing the necessary information, the writer will contact you for additional information to enrich your resume. It will go through every point you made to improve it or add value to it. The process will not only help you get a better resume, but it will also help you understand why some things on the resume look the way they are. Your entire resume will often be reformatted and formatted to industry standards.

Once developed, the resume is submitted for quality assurance, where it is proofread by a member of the editorial team. After the CV has been screened and approved based on quality standards of accuracy and presentation, the first draft of your new CV will be sent to you for your approval and suggestions Your suggestions are then combined, and the CV mailed to you for further input and approval.

The process of altering and working on your resume continues until you are completely satisfied with the document. Once we receive your approval of the developed CV, we send you the final draft of the CV as an electronic copy.

You will also receive a general consultation on your resume to get a better return on your resume.

We charge a nominal fee for working on your resume and providing a superior service. For detailed services and their pricing click here.

If you are mailing your resume to a company for a specific position, yes, a cover letter is essential. Many online resume submissions ask only for your resume. Getting a resume with a cover letter is the best option to attach while submitting online.

Definitely! All clients will receive pre-development calls from the CV writer to gather input. Once you take advantage of our writing services, you can have multiple phone interactions with your writer. Also, customers can communicate via email Pre-development interaction

If you are located in or near Chennai, you can also come and meet us at our office during business hours.

It is suggested that you schedule your calls with the writer in advance via email so that you and your writer feel comfortable and prepared. Unscheduled calls may not be answered if the writer is busy with another call with another client. It is also suggested that your entries be shared via email so that they can be recorded.

With our commitment to your satisfaction, we allow multiple repetitions until you are fully satisfied with your resume but it is advised that you have a clear view of your requirements and pass them on to our consultant in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure faster delivery of your documents. To avoid confusion, it is highly suggested that your input be made clear and shared via email.

Yes, you can see samples before paying. Click Here to see some samples


Yes, we provide 3-6 months of after-sales support. You can let us know the changes and we will incorporate them into your drafts at no additional charge.

Changes and modifications shall not constitute a change in requirements. For example, if you get a resume prepared for a sales profile, you can’t ask to change it to marketing – that would constitute a change in requirements rather than an adjustment. Also, format changes are not covered in the 6 month support period.

If you try to stuff too much information into your resume, it will get cluttered and long or become a dissertation. A maximum of two pages is the generally accepted norm for Canadian/American/international Resume (although a CV may run longer). Cutting out your resume means cutting out redundant wording and unimportant information.

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