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That’s proper. A New Yr and nonetheless nobody knows anything.

Prior to now 24 hours, we have now discovered: the amount of office space ‘plunged’ in England last year (though what kind of plunge 2 % represents is debatable); the City of London approved 70 percent more space last year than it did in 2020; and that financial districts are now obsolete.

Little doubt folks will nonetheless kind opinions about this type of factor. Some will specific it extra vehemently than others. Most will likely be based mostly on little greater than the headlines that almost all align with their current views. And so it is going to go on.

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Issues are altering shortly. However they’re additionally staying the identical, anchored by the advanced apes on the coronary heart of all of it.

Catch 2022. That’s some catch.

Image: From Office in a Small City by Edward Hopper




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